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≈ 4th or 5th new site appearance – GMLab – SDG =), former GMLab.Biz

GM Lab - SDG, new site appearance Briefly about my suggestions in the field of sites construction.

After all…, the new site appearance. Unfortunately, I can’t spent much time messing up with it… as usual. But now I tried to present various techniques for using HTML markup, and the possibility of implementing various scripts.

In few words, if you need a web representation, blog, business site, or let’s say a full featured online store, this is also in my abilities. At the same time,we do not have to forget that the final design depends more on the customer’s preferences and to some extent on the capabilities of HTML markup.

Long story short, just contact me in any form available on the site and we will find a solution for your task.

As a result you will get a resource on a completely independent platform, from one of a top hosting providers, where you can implement your creativity regardless of the limitations of site constructors and at the very reasonable prices.

On the platform  GM Lab - SDG - new site appearance - engine WordPress  today are built up to 40% of the world’s Internet sites, which is conditioned due to the support of a huge community of developers who develop the code of this popular engine, and the myriads of plugins and modules which satisfy any taste and fit for almost any task.

The engine itself is distributed and updated for free, and most site building tasks can be solved using free templates and plugins. However, there are also paid versions of plugins and templates to implement more advanced functionality. All prices are very affordable. I personally rarely have to expand the budget to implement the tasks that are set before me. The main expenses go for hosting services, and payment due for my work (last is negotiable).

As for creating e-stores, I specialize in two areas, first are solutions on the  GM Lab - SDG - new site appearance - E-commerce platform Ecwid  platform, where you need to purchase an appropriate annual plan to expand the trading platform. the Ecwid trading platform is easily integrated into the WordPress code.

Second, which is for me and most likely for you would be more preferable to build an e-store on  GM Lab - SDG - new site appearance - engine WooCommerce modules. The main functionality of the WooCommerce platform is free as well. Only some modules, such as the payment gateway, can be paid for, but even here the prices are quite reasonable. At the end of the day, you would have to pay for a necessary stuff only.

As well I can make your resource in a bilingual version  GMLab - SDG, new site appearance. (bilingual sites) , I have more than 30 years of experience in English-Russian translation.

After completing the project, and if you would wish to take care of the administrative part of the site by yourself, I will train you or your representative to operate with the admin panel of   GM Lab - SDG - new site appearance - engine WordPress .

But if you are not sure that you’ll be able to handle the admin panel, edit and publish various materials on the resource personally, I will be happy to cooperate with you on a long-term basis.

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